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Grind Pulp Press  is currently accepting submissions for our ¥100 Digi-Trash line of VHS and Betamax novelization stories. Our first release in this line is Japan of the Dead. You should consider JOTD required reading to get an idea of what we mean when we say things like Digi-Trash or VHS / Betamax novelization.
We are looking for ORIGINAL, genre-bending stories that take the reader on a wild roller-coaster ride. Use unique and creative ways to make your story a ¥100 Digi-Trash VHS novelization of an amazing movie we've never had the pleasure of actually renting and watching on our VCR.

Length:  Your story submission must be a minimum of 6,000 words in length, up to 15,000 words. Word count for flavor text explaining the history or background of the title is not included in the 6,000 word minimum. 

Original work:  All story submissions must be original work created by you. Fan-fiction or novelizations of actual movies will not be accepted. 

Cover art and editing for ¥100 Digi-Trash titles is all done in-house on low to no budget. You can see some examples at the bottom of this page.

We consider our stories to be Grind Pulp, and describing Grind Pulp is a whole ball of wax that we haven't quite unraveled ourselves. Grind Pulp Press is interested in visceral stories that may contain gratuitous gore, sex, action, and adventure. We want fun stories that will be remembered. Think of movies like Street Trash, Demons, Riki-Oh, Return of the Living Dead, Ninja Scroll, Megaforce, Black Samurai, Maximum Overdrive, The Last Dragon, The Beyond, etc. The idea behind Grind Pulp is in the name: GRIND house and PULP stories 

Business:  We are young and growing. There should be no confusion on this matter. The whole idea of this line of e-pulps is to put out cool stories for the world to read, to get more titles under our belt, and to learn as we go. To do this, we are offering a 50% royalty on profits garnered from your story as a stand-alone title. If your story is included in a collection, you will share equally with other writers in 70% of the profits that particular collection generates. 

You retain the copyright of your story, but we hope you don't include the background info that is unique to ¥100 Digi-Trash VHS and Betamax novelizations. If you want to take your story and include it in your own anthology, that's just fine. We are not capable of offering advances at this time. Look around and know that you like what we are doing before you decide to send us your story. 

¥100 Digi-trash titles will sell for $0.99 in the states (comparable rates worldwide) and for ¥100 in Japan. At these prices, nobody at Grind Pulp Press is fantasizing about making a killing on e-book sales. 

These submission guidelines are subject to change as we iron everything out. We will post contact information and let you know where to send submissions in the coming days. This page is LIVE for us to see as we work out the kinks.

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