Saturday, June 9, 2012


     Bath salts, plant food, crystal meth? Get you some Purple Crack and let the madness begin. Here is the new cover for Zombie Guts. Publication day is fast approaching. The vomit-strewn blurb:

Zombie Guts: a novelette

by Andrew Crevier

In the eighties, crack cocaine devastated the inner city. The bottled rotgut known as Viper followed, compounding this damage a hundredfold. Then in the nineties, meth became the hard drug of choice, usurping its predecessor’s impact by the year 2000.

There’s a new drug on the block.

Purple Crack burns with the pleasant aroma of bargain-priced grape jelly, and it packs one hell of a wallop.

Mike was feeling lucky despite the recent turn of events: he had just hit the Pick 3, he was about to take his relationship with the girl of his dreams to another level, and when Herbie turned into a zombie and he had to deal with the dead thing, he didn’t even get a scratch. Of course, breaking up with his long-time girlfriend might prove to be a more daunting task. As three friends, two girlfriends, a zombie named Herbie, and a crackhead named Jerry Double Balls gamble with death in a dive pool hall, the world outside becomes more dangerous by the minute. Will Mike and his friends kick back until the zombie plague blows over, or will Mike’s luck run out?

Zombie Guts is a novelette length story of undead, grind-house fun. This story is approximately 40 pages (12,000 words) in length.

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